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The Razorback Greenway allows for easy access to the communities of Fayetteville, Johnson, Springdale, Lowell, Rogers, Bentonville, and Bella Vista.


Along the trail you’ll find some of NWA’s most popular destinations including entertainment, shopping, historic sites, lakes, art projects and cultural experiences.


Find out how the Razorback Greenway became the most recognizable and frequently used public amenity in NWA through an innovative collaboration.


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Learn more about one of the most innovative trail systems in America. Start here with some frequently asked questions.

Why the detours in Bentonville?

Bentonville is undergoing a few long-term projects which have caused a number of detours along the Razorback Greenway. Since these detours are expected to take a while, we’re working closely with the city to make sure routes are accurately mapped and up-to-date.

Best places to stay/eat?

There are so many options along the Greenway, we couldn’t possibly list them all! You can check out the Interactive Map to explore what’s along the trail, or visit our cities’ tourism websites for the best local eats you can find.

When will there be an east/west extension?

The Razorback Greenway was created with the intention of being a North/South corridor through Northwest Arkansas. As the demand for more routes has grown, municipalities have started constructing their own spurs connecting communities and areas throughout the region back to the original Greenway system. As of now, there are no plans to add a single East/West expansion to the Razorback Greenway.

When will the Greenway go to Fort Smith?

Extending the Razorback Greenway to Fort Smith would require more than doubling the length of the existing trail system. We do love to dream big, but right now there’s no plan to expand that far south.

Where are the best sections to take my kids?

The Greenway is an inclusive, family-friendly environment! Hit the trail near one of the many community parks along the route and enjoy playgrounds, splash pads and more. Venture to a more secluded area to spend some quality time in nature, or head downtown for a spot to shop and eat. The options are endless! You can visit the Interactive Map to see what amenities and attractions are available for your family along the trails.

Are dogs allowed on the Greenway?

We love hitting the trails with our furry friends, and we hope that you will too! It is important, however, to remember to pick up after your pets and follow any leash laws or other city ordinances regarding dog walking. Please be courteous to other users of the trail and have a blast with your four legged pals.

How can I report hazards/maintenance concerns?

If you notice any maintenance issues or concerns while traversing the Razorback Greenway, you can contact us at or (479) 957-2159, or contact the Parks & Recreation department of the city where the issue is located. In the event of an emergency on the trail, dial 911.


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